Saturday, December 3, 2016


On October 21, 2016, Charles Johnson, Editor In Chief of published an extensive report - "Written and researched by Ren Jander" - that cleared Fred Trump of the utterly false Klan smear perpetrated upon him by Philip Bump at the Washington Post, Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times, the Daily News, Vice, and Boing Boing.

I am very proud of that work, because it would have been a disaster for this nation and for Donald Trump if the vile lies perpetrated by the media on this issue were not thoroughly quashed by my report which totally absolved Fred Trump, and returned his good name and truly philanthropic reputation.

No later than tomorrow afternoon, I will publish a report that has the opposite purpose of clearing reputations. Instead, my forthcoming report will thoroughly tarnish the reputations of the attorneys who are supposed to be representing the electors of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

I am thoroughly convinced that this group of lawyers has been infested with clandestine rats who are actively trying to sabotage Donald Trump from becoming President. And I believe I can prove it to the American people. I offer my previous report clearing Fred Trump as a preview - along with the analysis already published here - testifying to the integrity of my research skills and standards.

Not only will I offer persuasive legal analysis, but I will publish multiple emails sent to me yesterday by both lead counsellors listed on page five of their official Answer to the utterly fraudulent statewide election contest in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. I will also include a phone log showing a sixteen minute conversation between me and one of those attorneys.

Additionally, I will expose the grossly negligent representation of Trump's electors and the Republican Party pertaining to the county by county recount fraud taking place throughout Pennsylvania. Specifically, I will single out the failed appearance in Allegheny County yesterday by Republican Party attorney Ron Hicks.

Earlier in my career, I learned the hard way, that the practice of law in the USA is governed by a cabal of truly brilliant insiders who operate with an elite pack mentality.

I was never part of that Ivy like cabal. I grew up in Jamaica NYC, the same hometown as Donald Trump. And like Trump, my greatest skills emanate from the streets, sizing up other people, intuition, interpreting skill sets, and a gifted knack for extracting hidden information. I represented criminals as a defense attorney. Some very bad people were my clients. I'm not proud of that.

I was never a flashy person. My street mentality led me to understand that anonymity is a precious asset. So I became a shadow lawyer. And my unique legal/investigative skills are akin to those of the character "the wolf", brilliantly portrayed by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. Although for the mission now before us, I am receiving no compensation whatsoever. I love this country and what it stands for. And I need your help.

Please create backups and mirrors of my work at this blog. Please get on Facebook and Twitter and push back, redistribute my report links and even full text where possible.

You may have thought the fight was over on election night when Hillary conceded. I did not. I knew the concession was a dog and pony show. These people, this anti-Constitutional cabal, are a unified force, and they are most certainly going to steal this election if everyone of you reading this fails to see that this is our intellectual Normandy. Please, I am begging you, please enlist and prepare to dig trenches for this legal war.

Finally, I want to thank Charles Johnson, Publisher and Chief of for allowing me to publish the Fred Trump piece there despite him having never met me, and his allowing me to remain in the shadows even to him.

Charles Johnson has the heart of a patriot, but we recently had a falling out concerning Richard Spencer, who I believe is a truly wicked human being. Regardless, I have been unsuccessful in convincing Mr. Johnson that he should denounce Spencer in a big public manner. I have also been unsuccessful in convincing him that the election is in truly grave danger of being stolen from Donald Trump and the American People who fairly chose him in an electoral landslide.

The recount efforts are not simply an attempt to reduce Trump' s mandate after being sworn in, the enemy has determined that Trump will never be sworn in. They have too much to lose, particularly their personal liberty. This is not about Jill Stein or even Hillary Clinton. It's worse. This is about burning up the Constitution and installing a new regime.

We are now experiencing a judicial coup d'etat. 

Or, depending on your perspective, a morally justified second American Revolution. That's how the enemy sees themselves.

Ren Jander, J.D.


  1. This is what I've been trying to tell people. Anyone who thought they would give up easily does not understand these people. They are ruthless killers and ideological radicals.

    Aside from sharing your work, what else can we do, Jander? Is there any practical action we can take? Going to the courts? What should the strategy be? I do not have a lot of money, but this strikes me as quite literally the most important moment in the history of our republic. Is there any legal action we can take as citizens to protect Trump's victory??

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    2. My job is to explain the true law, not to spin at all, but to be a source folks can trust. If you believe what you are reading here, then share it and each person moved by it must act according to their own conscience. All I can say is get together with folks and talk it out. I know what I must do, publish honest legal analysis and facts discovered through intense research. That's all I can do. Be creative within the law. Act your conscience.

  2. They WITHDREW! As of 5 PM today! Case over and closed.