Friday, December 9, 2016


Don't blink, the Jill Stein Pennsylvania recount nightmare is about to get even more insidious and weird in Philadelphia County.

Earlier this week, I discussed that federal case as containing a poison dose of subterfuge, but earlier today I mentioned the forthcoming surprise lethal dose. And this one is simply brilliant in its camouflage.

Yesterday, this blog appeared to scoop the main stream media by announcing at 12:19 P.M. ET, that Judge Abbe Fletman had denied the appeal of "petitioners" regarding a Philadelphia Board of Elections decision not to allow petitioners access to the machines for a secondary "forensic examination", after their limited recanvass of 75 precincts failed to reveal any discrepancies.

I discussed in a comment to that post the strange event of my having been on a phone call with Phil. City Commisioner, Fred Voight, asking specifically about the petioners' appeal and asking how I could view the papers - when he suddenly informed me that the decision had just come down as we were talking, appeal denied, opinion to follow.

I asked for the exact caption, "Does it name the voter-petitioners?" He responded that the caption is "In The Matter of The Presidential Election of 2016".

He also confirmed for me that all of the papers were a matter of public record and would be available at - and he gave me the following "docket number: 16125000".

Fred Voight took my email and said he would send me the original petition submitted to the board of elections by the voters. We never discussed Jill Stein as being part of those petitions, because she was not a voter.

When I tried the docket number, and name of case, neither came up as valid. So I reported:

"I can't seem to find the docket number, so I haven't actually seen papers. Will add more as it comes in."

About an hour later, CBS PHILLY reported this headline:

Judge Denies Appeal By Jill Stein’s Lawyers For Forensic Examinations Of Philly Voting Machines

Their report cloaks the names of the petitioners, only mentioning that Stein's lawyers brought the appeal. And Voight never got back to me, so as of yesterday morning I still havr no names for the petitioners. I wanted to see if Stein's co-plaintiff in her federal Eastern District PA case - the mysterious Randall Reitz - was named in the petition.

Yesterday morning, I was searching for Judge Fletman's Opinion when I came across a report by Dave Davies at posting Judge Fletman's five page Opinion.

Like Judge Goldsmith's opinion in Michigan's federal District Court that shut down Stein's appeal, Fletman's denial is mostly accurate to the law. But - wait for it - this appeal was not on behalf of the voter-petitioners.

This "partial-appeal" concerns an attempt by Stein to get into the voting machines on her own initiation earlier this week, and it contains a proper Case ID number as well, 161103335.

Here is a pdf of the DOCKET ENTRIES:


Upload pdf files and post in comments to this post. I am off the grid.]

Inside the case file at the number Voight gave me is there, listed  as "Docket Entry 16125000." That eight numeral number Voight gave me is not a case ID number, which is what you really need. Those contain nine numerals. So putting 161203335 in will bring up the case entries.

But Voight and I were discussing an appeal on behalf of the voter-petitioners, not a direct action by Stein. The caption in Case ID 161103555 is "Stein v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections".

What happened to "In the Matter of the Presidential Election of 2016"? I can't find it. The search at is not spitting it up, so I do not see an appeal on behalf of voter-petitioners...which does not mean one isn't still pending.

So, earlier this week, Stein instituted her own appeal from the County Board of Elections decision not to allow a forensic examination, and she lost...but not by much if you ask me.

Because if you look closer at the devious details, a few sinister blips have hit the radar screen:

Blip 1: Didn't the media tell everyone that Jill gave up on her Pennsylvania state activity? Didn't she hold a big press conference on Monday Dec. 5th announcing that she was filing a temper tantrum in Federal Court over the antiquated Pennsylvania Election Code? I don't recall any hullabaloo about her pending Philly appeal hearing the next day.

This quiet appeal shows cunning. Why? Because - unlike the big blustering Federal Court hype - this little appeal provides shade and distraction in a tighter space related to...

Blip 2: This was only a "partial appeal", so what else is going on then if this is just partial? What is the whole? Is there another part of this case still surviving? Judge Fletman's opinion seems to indicate that there is...

Blip 3: Check this bizarre intrigue from page five of Fletman's opinion:

"Similarly, in this case, appellants have raised no specter of fraud, bad faith, abuse of discretion, or arbitrariness. Accordingly, this court will not disturb the board's opinion... For all the foregoing reasons, the court affirms the decision of the Philadelphia County Board of Elections and dismisses the appeal of appellant Jill Stein."

The caption only mentions Jill Stein. So where are the other "appellants" ? Appellants who apparently failed to allege fraud and bad faith, that is.

You see, Stein latched on to voter-petitioners here - according to Fletman's opinion - as a candidate who was allowed to examine voting machines during a recount under P.S. 2650(c) of the Election Code.

However, Fletman held that "examination" of the machines does not equal surgical forensic analysis of the inner electronic voting system contained therein.

Hmm. I don't like it. This is sneaky as... Me no likey. Nope. Judge Fletman's argument against Stein on this point is murky, and I think - if going with my gut - intentionally so. In fact, I would expect an appeal to the Commonwealth Court is pending as we speak. I am just waking up to this, because I was clearly hoodwinked here. My bad.

This drop of poison is potentially lethal.

To me, it seems possible Stein could appeal this decision right up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court...if her petitioners were before the Philadelphia County Election Board properly under 1404(e) of the Election Code.

But what about the other appellants? Was that just a typo? I seriously do not believe that. This looks insidious.

These guys/gals are good. Evil. Cunning. Deceptive. They own the media. I mean, c'mon, how is it even possible Lawrence Tabas is both, still a candidate-elector for Trump and not pending disciplinary action in front of the Pennsylvania bar.

And why did he not let the Commonwealth Court know he was an interested party, a candidate for the Office of Candidate Elector?

And why did Ron Hicks perform like a spastic buffoon before the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas, butchering the statute and especially the deadline? He is not a buffoon. And his deception was clever.

I am always reminded of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin in moments like this, "We are your overlords." They see us as  muggles.

To me, it seems possible Stein could appeal this decision right up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court...if her petitioners were before the Philadelphia County Election Board properly under 1404(e) of the Election Code. My report earlier today proves they were not.

Stay vigilant, deplorables.

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

Ren Jander, J.D.


  1. Currently I'm reading that the Fed judge who had been looking at the case today will not appeal until Monday.

    @magatrump5 speculates this will prevent Jill from making a new appeal before the clock runs out.

    I think this was made after this blog unless I'm assuming the time differences incorrectly. Thoughts?

    1. The clock doesn't run out until it runs out. Anyone who underestimates these psychotics deserves their chains.

  2. Schuhficher,

    Jill Stein is muddying the waters. She is slinging mud and trying to put forth the perception that Donald Trump was really not, not quite elected, legally.

    She will appeal on Monday and she will try to disenfranchise Wisconsin's, Michigan's, and Pennsylvania's voters. The conclusion of the recount won't matter to her in Wisconsin.

    She does not care about the law, she does not care about common decency, and she does not care about a democratic election in a republican form of governance.

    Governance and elections are not perfect endeavors; utopians "feel" that they should be. The understanding of human nature is not part of a Marxist's DNA. She will keep trying regardless of the clock running-out.

    The ends justifies the means. Utopia was cheated on November 8th according to her. And someone needs to pay--and the voters are that "someone". "You dumb stupid voters elected a racist, bigoted, misogynist to be our President." "I, an intelligent person, needs to fix it for you."

    She will keep going until her petulance is ignored, or shut-down by a government official. Until then, we are in danger.


  3. I still think the danger lies in the "discovery" of "Russian hacking". I sincerely hope Trump is watching this like a hawk.

    They laid low for a month, then emerged like a virus. A Washington Post story on "fake news". Clearly the voters are too stupid to decide the truth for themselves.

    Then every single Communist echoes the line, from Obama all the way up to the Pope!! Germany threatens Facebook with fines if they fail to suppress these dangerous thought criminals. Twitter threatens to ban the President-Elect for "hate speech"!?!

    The false narrative becomes clear: Trump is only President because the rubes were deceived. If only the government could have protected their fragile minds from misinformation. Oh, the horror!

    It continues. The Democrats launch an official commission and inquiry into the dastardly Russians. The usual traitors McCain & Graham join the witchhunt and suddenly the initiative is laughably branded as "bi-partisan". Graham says he is "personally going to make Putin pay". Excuse me?

    And then today, Herr Obama says he is officially launching an Inquisition into Trump's treason with the Russians. We are of course certain this is a pristine, noble, and completely objective endeavor which has absolutely no agenda at all. It is ordered to be released before Inauguration Day so as to cause maximum civil unrest. What was that our Nobel Peace Prize winner crooned about a "peaceful transition"?

    Now could you imagine if, on top of all of this, it is discovered that a voting machine in the clean and honest precinct of Philly is discovered to have indisputable evidence of "hacking"? Do we not even now hear the crowds of the Coliseum reaching their crescendo pitch? Instead of "WMDs!", the new war cry becomes "The Russians! The Russians!"

    And where does it all end? A Russian general directly accused the US of having blood on its hands for the bombing of a hospital yesterday. One hears the echoing refrains of Tom Fife, Anatoliy Golitsyn, & Stanislav Lunev. Within the smoke and confusion, is it possible the inverse is actually true: that as a true American patriot rises to power and a foreigner sees the last sands of power sloping through his hands, there is no better time than now. One is reminded of the prediction of Barack's presidency in Russia with startling accuracy, a full 14 years before it actually occurred.

    One is reminded of the true patriotic generals purged from the military by the foreigner. Of the intentional destruction and degradation of our nuclear missile forces. Of the new hypersonic missiles developed by Russia for which we have no defense. And one wonders if the Russians truly are coming; only it is he who accuses them the loudest that is disabling the defenses and letting them through the gates.

    1. Brilliant! This is precisely what he is doing. I do not believe, though, that Russia has any interest in destroying us, but Obama and NATO are doing everything they can to provoke a war. It is Russian perseverance that will ave us. The other possibility that comes to my mind is that they are trying to incite an uprising when Trump takes office. IF they cannot deprive him of the office then a civil war might do. I don't think it would last long, but it would be a destabilizing and catastrophic beginning to a Trump presidency.

  4. michigan supreme court denies appeal:

    1. Unless I'm mistaken, that's it for Michigan. Wisconsin is 89% done, with no surprises yet. It looks as if their hopes rest on Pennsylvania.

    2. Diogenes,

      Again, your analysis is well within the 10 ring (Democrat/Marxists: that means bulls eye).

      I doubt SCOTUS issues a writ of certiorari to the Michigan Supreme Court or the 6th circuit re Jill-Pill. What is the Prima Facie Constitutional issue at hand? There isn't one.

      My gut tells me Ms. Petulance will seek a SCOTUS review, EC deadline or no deadline.


  5. This is over. Need to change your focus on these fake news reports that are going to hit next week. You will see a lot of BOGUS information about Russia, CIA, FBI, Electors, but this is orchestrated bullshit, not to find a better word. 1952 Scotus precedent makes sure these plans do not fall into play by what Some of the So..s (won't say his name ) is pushing. Trump will be sworn in, so don't let next weeks Twitter, blogs, Social Media try to tell you otherwise. Especially this Texas elector balogna.

    1. Agreed. I will still keep an eye on Stein, but for now, it's critical that Trump get his 306 votes at the EC on December 19th, and then Inaugurated on January 20th.

  6. FEDS throw out Stein request:

  7. Judge Diamond decision in full:

  8. As the judge noted, they are still hard at it throughout PA:

    Plaintiffs confirmed at the December 9 hearing that Dr. Stein has initiated multiple state recounts, and that “six or seven” County Boards and Common Pleas Courts were still considering their recount petitions. (Hr’g Tr. 8:20-9:11); see also Pennsylvania Recount, Jill2016, (last visited Dec. 12, 2016) (indicating Dr. Stein is appealing from Lancaster and Northampton County’s decisions). Further, the Allegheny and Philadelphia Common Pleas Courts’ denials of forensic audits are ripe for appeal. See Pa. R.A.P. 903(c)

    1. Wow. So Pennsylvania is still alive? Just goes to show, men. Eternal vigilance.

    2. its over , i mean really over . There going to certify today .

  9. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin certified today. This phase is over. They will keep trying as Diogenes has described.

  10. The Electoral College vote is the next major one. You know that hundreds are being threatened, blackmailed, bribed, etc..